Fast Payment Processing

Your one-stop-shop for in-person payments. From order & pay and terminals to instant access to cash, we’ve got you covered.

Our Service

The new standard in digital payments

Take lightning-fast contactless, chip & PIN, swipe, MOTO and even e-wallet payments with Safaribank terminals. Print receipts on-demand with its built-in printer.

We’ll get you up and running in 48 hours

As soon as you’ve told us more information about your business, we’ll get you onboarded within 48 hours

Take lightning-fast payments

Use Safaribank’s world-class suite of payment products to take payments in a way that suits your business best and makes you bigger profits.

Spend instantly, or we’ll send takings next-day

With Safaribank you can now spend takings instantly. Anything left over goes to your bank account the next morning.

Process Payments Fast

An all-in one,
payment suite

Unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability with our online order and pay solution. Designed to cut your time-to-order in half, you’ll boost throughput in no time.

Getting Paid

Get Paid Easily & Quickly

You’ll see an increase to your profit margin from the moment you start with us, thanks to the power and efficiency of the Safaribank payment ecosystem.

Reliable Partner

An all-in-one payments partner

At Safaribank we know you need a reliable partner so you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business.